Chow Martin is a Canadian artist working out of Toronto where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Ontario College of Art and Design. His work vacillates between a cynical and humorous deconstruction of our contemporary digital mayhem, and an earnest analysis of the meaning and consequences inherent in generating visual images in this climate. Fusing clean simplicity with the chaos of the bodily and grotesque, Chow creates visceral pieces which seek to contort context and challenge notions of composure. Much of his studio work consists of painting and drawing, though he is increasingly engaged in the exploration of visual narrative in all of its forms.

After attaining a promising amount of success through international exhibitions and publications over the past 5 years, Chow recently decided to leave his nightshift job as hospital janitor to pursue his passion full-time in an effort to explore his concepts and talents. What lies ahead for the artist is an exciting period full of exhibition opportunities, collaborations and special projects.