/// TANK ///

TANK is coalescence of deconstructed, anatomical hybrids of man and animal. The grotesque nature of these subjects is harshly contrasted against the beauty and simplicity of the hand-drawn line, creating a narrative open for interpretation. The series of work is an exploration of the interaction of oppositional forces at a material, physical and psychological level. Themes of conflict, tension, dissonance, decay and despair are enhanced through the use of marks created by plurally visceral reactions. These reactions stem from the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder and flow through the fingertips to the cutting edge of chow´s drafting weapon. This method of mark making uses the pen as an extension of the body´s peripheral anatomy; it is a means of instantaneous and direct surface intervention. Through this aggressive technique, the surface of the substrate is assaulted, lacerated and injected with ink. This explosive, dynamic and violent interaction is conveyed through the use of imagery and the physical act of mark making itself.